Red zone conversions

One of the most telling statistics that football analysts cite is red zone conversion rate. The red zone is the 25 yards in front of the opponent’s end zone. The best offenses have high conversion rates once they reach the red zone, which means they are highly likely to score once they enter the red zone.

And the team who scores the most points wins.

A comparable situation occurs in prospecting when you have cultivated engagement with a prospect through your electronic rapport building efforts.  They have shown interest – they are in the red zone.  Converting that interest into an actual conversation is the goal.

Are you being active enough in your marketing to create red zone-level prospects within your database?  What percentage of them do you convert into first time conversations?  How many first-time conversations will lead to a sale?

In football, the experts look for key metrics that drive the outcome of the game.  Red zone conversion rate may be the key to your entire sales process.

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