Prospects may not shake your hand, but they’ll still keep you in mind

If there’s one thing you can be thankful about when it comes to prospecting, it’s that unless they flat out tell you no, you still have a chance of new business. It just may not come as soon as you’d like.

The reality is that prospecting is made up of a lot of dead space, where you probably won’t hear back from someone you’re reaching out to for several days—even weeks. This is the same whether you’re leaving them a voicemail, or sending them an email. This can make prospectors anxious, because in their minds, no response is a bad response. Thankfully, that’s usually not the case. But in our day of instant gratification, it’s hard to play the subtle waiting game.

Just remember that the goal of that first contact with your prospect—and even the series of emails you may send them after—is meant to keep you on their minds. They will be the ones to decide when they have a need, and to act on that need, before you’ll hear from them. And even when you finally do, don’t expect to close. Just try to get them to the phone.

You know what happens after that? According to some, even a prospect’s agreement to take your phone call shouldn’t imply that you’ll make a deal. It should be used to further establish a relationship and an understanding with that prospect first, laying the groundwork and getting them into your normal sales pipeline.

Mobile device in hand

Sounds like a lot of work, and a lot of time, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s important to keep your prospecting efforts going: the less time you spend on them, the faster your sales pipeline will dry up.

Continue sending those emails. Be thankful when you aren’t told no, and when you can see that people are still opening your messages and clicking through to your website. Be thankful that you’re improving your brand visibility, and staying on people’s radar. Be thankful that the next email you send could be the right message at the right time for the right need.

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