Prospect successfully during COVID-19

In a time of social distancing and other preventative measures against the spread of coronavirus, email and telecommuting have become vital to maintaining important employee communications. They’re also your best way to get in touch with your next clients. While there’s still a great deal of uncertainty in the market, it’s important to take the time to develop those initial conversations. Even if your prospects don’t have a current need or the ability to budget for your services, laying that important groundwork now will mean that they look to you when those factors change.

One way to do that is by using your email outreach to offer support, says Business 2 Community. By addressing how COVID-19 has affected your prospects, and helping them understand what solutions you can provide, you accomplish two things: 1) establish your authority in their marketspace, and 2) demonstrate the value they’d receive by working with you. When prospects see that you understand what they’re going through, it can go a long way toward solidifying respectful partnerships.

Now may also be an ideal time to consider updates to your marketing outreach. Prospecting automation can be an effective tool for getting the word out to more potential new clients in a greater area. That way, you only need to focus your attention on those who show an active interest for discussing new business.

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