Offer value in your email

There are three factors to any successful prospecting email:

  • You grab your audience’s attention.
  • You continue to build interest with them.
  • You encourage them to respond, or stay engaged with you until they’re ready.

While you can’t do all of these for everyone, there are ways to do more for your leads than you were before.

First, look at your subject line. It’s what will grab your reader’s attention. People are more prone to open email from someone they don’t know if that someone appears real—e.g., not just sending an email blast. You can do that by keeping your subject line short and direct. Say, five words or less.

Which of these would you find more authentic?

Second, continue to build interest with them in the message body. (Hint: That doesn’t mean sell your services. Then you look like every other email out there.) You want to build relationships through your messaging, says Forbes, which comes down to showing value. Educate your leads on news, trends, and other relevant material that would benefit how they do business.

Finally, keep that interest going. Send informative content every couple of weeks with the same purpose: educate, not sell. This will build trust with your leads so that they can look to you as an authority in their market and a business partner.

Incorporate these three points into your future email outreach, and you’ll be able to look more authentic to more leads, hold their attention, and increase your chances that they’ll choose you when they have a need.

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