Inbox management is getting in your way

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to new business is actually keeping track of your emails. You’ve already got your routine messages to sift through: in-house correspondence, calendar reminders, maybe even a news update or two. What about the ones that you don’t prepare for? Considering how short our attention spans have become, it’s not surprising that many of us will only give a quick glance to what immediately hits our Inbox, but neglect to file it. Your email count gets higher, you forget what you’ve actually reviewed, and you could miss out on time-sensitive responses.

Inbox count

While there are apps you might try to improve your filing methods, keep in mind that your main source of disorganization could be a result of your prospecting—especially when you’re trying to follow up with a lot of potential new business. Instead, you could try using prospecting automation to separate out your normal work correspondence from your new business outreach. It allows you to find, verify, and connect with ideal prospects at the companies you want to partner with, and allows you to manage their responses through an online portal.

Just remember that you’re not the only one who might be suffering from bad Inbox management. Your prospects could be, too. That’s why it may not be the first, second, or tenth email you send that immediately gets a response. But, if you’re persistent, you’ll be the one they talk with when the time is right and they have a need.

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