How to Talk to your Potential Clients


by Will Rotondi

When talking to potential clients there is a trend of trying to sell ones’ product right away. Maybe the reason we’re often in a hurry is because it takes a long time to get anywhere. The average person can expect to chalk up 10 years of their life to waiting in line – so if it feels like you’re hurrying just to slow down again, you’re right. It’s like speeding to the next stop light: you think you’re getting to your destination faster, but you’re really just using up more gas.

Don’t let this affect your prospecting efforts, where you rev yourself into a stupor just trying to get someone on the phone. Don’t cut corners, like jumping straight into selling (especially through email!). Don’t wear your leads out with cliché lingo that you think will show them value. They may not know you yet, but they do know what it sounds like when they’re trying to be pitched – and they’re less inclined to listen if that’s how you start off your conversation. Overselling will wear you out, and leave you with less business to show for your efforts.

Your potential customers want genuine relationships. Start with a discussion where you learn about them, then segue to what you offer as a solution.

Sure, it’s another part of the waiting game, one that you’re never guaranteed will end in success – at least, not every time. Most leads aren’t ready to buy instantly from a vendor they haven’t heard from before.

So take your foot off the prospecting gas. Reach out to your leads through email on a consistent but respectful basis.

If the car metaphor isn’t doing it for you, consider this one instead: you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. And like anything sugary, small doses are better. A little bit of information that you provide to your leads through email now and again will be much more effective in attracting their interest, which will lead to more conversations.

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