6 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses a software platform that is made specifically to help automate tasks and increase the efficiency of customer relationship management. What this means is that many marketing actions, including follow up emails, can be automated based on the behavior of your leads and customers or clients. If you are concerned that marketing automation will make it more challenging to develop a personal relationship with customers, this could not be farther from the truth. To help you understand the importance of marketing automation and its place within your marketing strategies, here are 6 key benefits of marketing automation.

Generate better leads and nurture them more easily

One of the best benefits of automating your marketing is that it can help you reach out to people with targeted material at the right point in the sales funnel. For example, you can automatically send an ebook to people who have clicked on your newsletter or browsed your blog. According to a survey of more than 50,000 business-to-business marketers, the top benefit of using this type of solution is the ability to generate not just more leads, but leads that are of a better quality. Marketing automation also allows you to nurture all of the leads you collect, in a time efficient way and without having to manually personalize and send emails whenever leads takes actions. Instead, technology like drip email campaigns and technology to assist with email personalization is available.

Analyze your strategies and improve them

Marketing automation software can integrate with your CRM platform to show which of your marketing strategies are working and producing results, and which strategies are not. This gives you the opportunity to get stop using strategies that are not benefitting your business and identify and increase the usage of tactics that are bringing more leads and conversions.

Reduce marketing costs and free up time and energy

With marketing automation having the capability to complete many crucial marketing tasks for businesses, staffing needs are fewer for larger companies. And for companies with smaller marketing teams, automated marketing solutions can take the time consuming tasks out of the hands of the marketers, freeing up their days to spend doing more vital things, like coming up with new campaign ideas and nurturing leads.

Avoid human error with marketing automation

Humans sometimes accidentally do things that can potentially harm their brand’s image, such as making spelling and punctuation errors. These errors, although unintentional, can change the meaning of a message or address the wrong person in an email. Marketing automation software can’t make the same kind of mistakes that us humans do, and ensures that you avoid manual errors such as these.

Schedule social media posts easier and more effectively

There are many automated social media tools available that allow you to pre-create social media posts and schedule their desired posting time, no longer tethering you to your computer. There are also automated marketing solutions that sync with your CRM allowing you to not only pre-schedule posts, but allowing you to designate specific posts to specific segments of your audience.

Effectively market online and offline

One of the most beneficial aspects of marketing automation is that it can help you send targeted online messages at different points of the customer journey through emails and social media posts. However, many marketing automation solutions can also send these types of marketing materials to potential leads offline in the form of a text, postcard or phone call when a customer reaches a certain point in the funnel.

Now that you know more about the benefits of marketing automation, and if you are interested in learning more on how to implement marketing automation processes in your strategies, schedule a 30 minute consultation with us today.


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