How to generate more sales conversations

By listening to your leads instead of talking at them, you’ll likely generate more sales conversations.

Salespeople often think that value is shown through promoting their services, asking a lot of leading questions, and generally tooting their own company’s horn. But leads are not prospects: they don’t know who you are, and they don’t like being overwhelmed with too much information, especially because you aren’t the only company out there trying to earn their dollar.

Take a softer approach to sales conversations

Instead, send them educational material that is relevant to what they do and their industry.

Help them stay informed about new trends and changes in the market, pain points that others have experienced that they might also be going through, as well as general knowledge that you find important to impart to them about their business growth and success. It’s drafting up a single message that, while it’s written with the single reader in mind, is applicable and timely to 10,000 readers—if not more.

That doesn’t mean you can’t provide ways for them to journey back to your website to get more information. It just means that a softer approach will be more effective at nurturing them toward conversations with you rather than the you need to buy now before it’s too late mentality can be.

Still doubtful? It worked for these guys.

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