Hangover-free homebrewed email

by Jennilyn Howell

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “homebrewed” email system has garnered lots of media attention this past week, both in terms of its security and legality. These systems are often used because they are customizable and self-managed. But, they can quickly ferment into an easy target for spammers and hackers.

Perhaps Hillary’s system was constructed to improve efficiency and convenience. Surely the Secretary of State is too busy to answer emails that aren’t urgent. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive emails “on-tap” that were from people ready to do business with you?

Businesses can benefit greatly from a customized framework, too. Consider a system — an e-marketing brew, if you will — that produces a fine draught of sales leads without the spam or blacklist hangover. A dedicated team runs the brewery while you focus on your business. Talk about convenience!

They press carefully selected potential leads into your automated email tank. (It’s separate from your main email so you can hide from fake credit card scams and desperate Russian women.) The spam is filtered out, and then the team nurtures the targets through personalized messages and short, captivating content. Soon, the stoutest bubble to the top, visiting your website and scheduling calls. The brew master — er, team manager — then sends leads your way for the sales conversation.

And now your opportunities are on tap. Enjoy!

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