Email works when you don’t look fake

If you thought it was bad enough trying to get a prospect on the phone before, you can rest assured that the recent increase in robocalls will do nothing to help your cause. You’re better off trying to reach them through email, as long as you’re writing in a way that gets their attention.

The tendency among most marketers and sales professionals is to have that catchy subject line that woos prospects into clicking because of some sense of urgency, like a special deal that they’d be foolish to pass up. The problem with that strategy is that they don’t know you as well as your active sales leads do, so those subject lines often have the opposite effect—they look pushy, or spammy, or obviously automated.

That lack of personalization is what ultimately hurts your case. Think of your own inbox management. You probably skim through to see which ones look like active correspondence with coworkers and business associates, and then delete in bulk all of the ones that aren’t. More than likely, your prospects are doing the same thing.

So, instead of those catchy sales one-liners, try a simpler approach: write to your prospects like you would a coworker. Keep the subject line simple and relevant—maybe 5-6 words, if you can help it. Use a similar tactic in the message body, where you provide informative material that helps your prospects in some way and doesn’t solely promote your services.


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