5 Tips for using Marketing Automation to Build Customer Loyalty

When you think of building customer loyalty, automation is usually not the first word that comes to mind. However, there are many features in marketing automation’s robust toolbox that can help to build customer loyalty. Here are 5 tips for using marketing automation to build and retain customer loyalty:

Tip 1: Use Visitor ID to Know Your Customers

If there is one tool that reigns supreme over all of the others that marketing automation has to offer, it would be Visitor ID. Visitor ID allows you to identify all of the people who visit your website and provides you with how long they stayed on your site and which pages they visited. It also lets you know how your visitor landed on your page and whether it was a direct visit (they typed in your web address) or as a lead-in from a blog post or google search. Knowing how your customers found your website and which pages they visited will help you to a get a better idea of what your customer is looking for, and how you can fulfill their need. All of this information goes to form an overall customer profile.

Tip 2: Create Segmented Lists Based on Audience Interests

Once you know a little bit more about your audience, you can begin to create segmented lists in the marketing automation platform. These lists can be categorized by a variety of different factors, and exist to ensure that your audience members are receiving content that appeals to them. By making it a point to only send targeted content, it shows that you value your audience’s time and interests.

Tip 3: Publish Content that Appeals to Your Audience

Building off of the segmented lists mentioned in tip 2, publishing content that appeals to your audience goes a long in way in building customer loyalty. The form of the content is not as important as the issues that it addresses. A good way to find topics that really resonate with your audience is to use the Visitor ID tool to find out which pages are the most visited on your website, and then conduct some research to find pain points that your audience is experiencing. Publishing content that addresses these points will help to drive traffic to your website and unify your customer base.

Tip 4: Engage Over Social Media

Social media interaction is a key component of building brand loyalty. With our marketing automation platform, you can set up social media accounts and interact with followers on the same platform. Engaging with your audience will help to foster a sense of community, amongst your followers and with the brand itself. If a customer feels like they have a personal connection with a brand, they will find it harder to do business elsewhere. Maintaining open gates of communication also adds a layer of accessibility to your customers, and lets them feel like their voice is being heard.

Tip 5: Personalization

Personalization is the easiest way to make someone feel valued, and with marketing automation, it is something that is easily achieved. At Marketing Armor our marketing automation platform allows you to personalize automated emails, helping to build customer relationships while maintaining efficiency.  

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