4 Ways that Marketing Automation Can Increase Your Sales

Marketing Automation is one of the most effective ways available that can boost your sales in an efficient way. Our marketing automation platform here at Marketing Armor has a robust toolbox filled with tools like lead scoring and visitor ID to help you identify your audience, and move them through the sales funnel until they become a client. In this blog we will cover 4 ways that marketing automation can boost sales, starting with:

 1. Lead Scoring Can Deliver Leads that are Sales-Qualified

While in the sales process, reps often complain about receiving unqualified leads. According to a study conducted by MarketingSherpa* only 27% of the leads are qualified so it’s not hard to see why sales reps are frustrated. Enter marketing automation. Marketing automation alleviates this frustration with features like lead scoring. Lead scoring is an automated process that adds or subtracts points from a lead, depending on their actions or lack of, and makes it easier to prioritize your leads. Lead scoring works in conjunction with the visitor ID feature, so you’ll know what leads are looking at on your website and for how long.  Some of the behaviors that are scored include:

  • Reading email content
  • Attending a webinar
  • Visiting a website page
  • Unsubscribing from an email list

All of this data (behavioral and demographic) can be used to decide if a lead fits your buyer profile. You can customize your threshold, and once a lead crosses this threshold the sales process begins. Your sales process is shortened, and it ensures that your sales reps aren’t wasting time on leads that will never turn into sales.

2. The Segmentation of Leads

Marketing automation also boosts your sales by segmenting your leads. This improves your targeting capabilities, which in turn can help to push leads through the sales funnel faster. Segmentation also allows you to nurture your leads by sending them content that is relevant to them, making them feel like they are valued and their voice is being heard. Your audience can be segmented according to industry, company size, and position, which helps to increase the level of personalization. It is also important to take into account behavioral signals and a potential client’s lead score when creating lists. This will help you to create profiles that are compatible with both marketing and sales functions.

3. Personalization

Even though the word “automation” can bring to mind robotic interactions, this could not be farther from the truth. Marketing automation is the smart way to satisfy consumers’ desire for targeted content. It also helps to create brand experiences that are personalized and relevant, building a strong client relationship. Our automation platform allows for personalization on every front with minimal manual effort. The combination of segmentation and visitor ID makes it easier to understand your audience and their needs so that you can personalize aspects of your website and landing pages to elevate the consumer experience.

4. Using Automated Emails to Nurture Sales

According to a study conducted by SmartDataCollective* automated emails perform 3x better than any other type of email. Automated emails are triggered according to the actions of a lead and because they are behavior based they are a more seamless way to interact with customers. With our marketing automation platform, not only is the automation of emails possible, but you have the ability to create drip campaigns that will nurture your lead until they are a client and beyond. These campaigns can be set up in minutes and flow effortlessly for maximum efficiency. Automation gives you the power to email your segmented lists consistent and relevant emails aimed to build and strengthen relationships with minimum effort.

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