Electronic behavior: the silent qualifier

Traditionally, the qualifying phone call has been the most effective way to determine whether someone is ready to buy. But modern electronic advices such as Google analytics and marketing automation have made it possible for prospects to be pre-qualified before we even speak on the phone. Heck, we may never have to speak on the phone if you can just purchase it from the website.

Prospects and prospectors should not shy away from these tools, though they do have a big-brother quality to them. They are designed to give each of us space to learn and assimilate before the (formerly pushy) sales call occurs. Prospects today like to have more information when they take the call, so they feel prepared to ask the right questions and have a directed conversation.

Prospects have also figured out ways around them, because you know when you click on my link I’ll know that you clicked on my link. But that’s ok!! It helps me determine your interest and your seriousness about our product, so that I’ll know when the time is right to start a human-to-human conversation. These tools help separate the wheat from the chaff so that sales calls can be more productive, and everyone’s time better spent.

So prospects, don’t be afraid of clicking on that link, and letting me know what you’re interested in. And prospectors, make sure your emails are linked and your websites are optimized so you can see who’s interested in you.

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