3 daily activities for healthy prospecting

Prospecting takes practice. Daily practice. Just like practitioners of yoga, piano, medicine and law “practice” every day to improve their basic skills and perfect their technique, prospecting is an activity that takes daily practice to produce results.

Every day you should:

  1. Talk to someone you don’t know. Get outside your comfort zone. Learn what someone else does for a living. Figure out how you can help them do it. Ask if they know of anyone else that you could help. And ask if they can help you.
  2. Follow up with someone you do know. Don’t forget that your current customers are your best and easiest source of revenue. See where they are now, if they need you again, or if you need them again.
  3. Ask for the business. You can’t sell anything if you don’t ask someone to buy. Many opportunities are lost because the last question wasn’t asked: “How many do you want?”

There are a myriad of tools that can help you with these activities. Expand your database with the help of qualified contacts records. Manage content sharing with drip marketing campaigns. Call your prospects to ask for the order.

Just do it.

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