5 tips to generate leads from your sales pipeline

By Erika Cannon
[email protected]

Your pipeline doesn’t work on its own. If it did, we’d all play more golf.

  1. Work it every day. Call, email, or visit a prospect every day.
  2. Have a process. Outline how and when you’re going to communicate with your prospects. This makes it rote – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every prospect, especially when you have thousands. Use customizable templates.
  3. Use bulk communication – until you engage. Email is great to reach out to everyone, but when someone responds, or visits your website, they’re worth the personal touch. Even if it’s a template, make sure you take 60 seconds to personalize it, and let them know you’re really interested in them, too.
  4. Document your work. Know where you’ve been, so you can know what you need to do next, in line with the process (see #2). Use a calendar to remind you.
  5. Add new records. As often as you can, find new sources, new verticals, and new territories to add to your database. There’s nothing better than engaging with someone who doesn’t know you!


It’s important to make time every weekday for a followup process (and the occasional Chicken Salad Chick lunch).


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