Lead generation strategy that actually works

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

Lead generation is not magic, nor is it sexy. It’s just plain work. And it often feels like the most unproductive work, especially if you’re a salesperson who depends on commission to pay the bills.

Here are three ways to make lead generation work for you:

  1. Automate it. Use a marketing automation tool that will reach out to the maximum number of contacts for you on a regular basis, and let you know who’s reaching back—either directly or indirectly—through website visits or other electronic behavior.
  2. Write short. Don’t spend hours crafting salesy emails. No one wants to be sold to on email. Short emails will change your life. And use the template function provided in most MA tools and probably in your email platform. Don’t recreate the wheel every time you respond to an email.
  3. Prospect every day. Email or call a handful of prospects each day. When added to the work your MA tool is doing, these personal touches will be the icing on the cake, the final touch that those prospects need to know you’re really interested in talking with them.

If you don’t prospect for new business, you won’t ever win any.


Cookies, like the ones above, are yummy.
But without all the ingredients and a little bit of work, you can’t make ’em!
And isn’t a fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookie worth the work?


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