You’re showing up. Why aren’t your leads?

There’s a lot to be said about you when you’re punctual or ahead of schedule. It’s even more impressive when you’re able do that when you aren’t even aware of what that schedule is – e.g., you’ve just reached out to a lead at the right moment to ask about a pain point that they just so happen to be feeling, just as they’re actively looking for a solution. Must be perfect timing?


It’s easy to assume that you’ve got a done deal when a lead agrees to talk with you. You may even believe you can sell to anyone, as long as you can snag them on the phone to work your magic. Here’s the catch: getting them to agree to a phone call isn’t the same as actually getting them on the phone.

This also goes back to timing. People lose steam throughout the day, and they’re pretty much expected to zone out right around 2 – 2:30 in the afternoon.

So, while that might be the best time for them to see your initial email and understand what you’re asking, they may not have the urgency to want to get on a call with you. That’s why you follow up with them to secure a time. Otherwise, chances will get higher that a) you’ll go straight to voicemail if you ring them out of the blue, b) they’ll forget they even responded to you, and c) they’ll find someone else who will take that initiative to schedule.

The easiest way to do this is to send a calendar invite. Not only will it show how serious you are about having that phone call, it’ll be your own litmus test to gauge the actual interest levels of those leads. If it’s worth it to them, they’ll make the time and they’ll be punctual in return.

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