Your “slow season” doesn’t really exist

by Will Rotondi

School might be out for the summer if you’re a student, but teachers aren’t so fortunate. Contrary to what some may think, they still keep themselves pretty busy, whether it’s working a second job, taking development courses, or putting in the prep work for their next classes.


They can’t all be partying on a beach somewhere. There’s work to do!

That last part is key. Regardless of your industry, prep work is essential. Not everything can happen off the cuff. A person doesn’t immediately hear your company’s name and want to buy from you, for instance. Developing new sales leads takes time. Prospecting, the stage right before that, can take even longer.

So when you think you’re entering your “slow season,” do you also think that means you should take a break? No! Put in the effort now for nurturing your next batch of prospects. Find out who they are. Reach out to them through email and ask for a call. Don’t procrastinate and assume that you’ll see greater ROI when your peak season returns. You might be surprised how often new business can start when you least expect, and can disappoint when you think it’s a done deal.

If you don’t make the effort to start those conversations, someone else will beat you to it, and it’ll be their company that comes to your prospects’ minds when they’re ready to buy, rather than yours.

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