Your prospects appreciate when you aren’t tailgating

by Will Rotondi

It’s easy to get carried away when you prospect. When someone mentions even a remote interest in having a conversation with you about your services, you may have the inclination to word vomit on them about who you are, what you offer, why they should buy from you, and whether you can send them a quote.

This can happen in person, by phone, or even through email – and it’s not pretty.

Going from 0-60 on your sales pitch can make your prospect feel overwhelmed by the information you’re providing, and that they’re being forced to make a decision on something they aren’t sure that they want.

Think of it like driving, where your prospect’s in the car in front of you, and you’re coming up from behind. You’re both headed to the same destination (doing business together), but you’re in a rush to get there. So you speed up to the point that you’re tailgating them, which makes them nervous. If you ride their bumper enough, they could pull off to the side to let you pass, or slow down to spite you before taking an early exit. Either way, you’re left with a bad impression, and no deal.


You can let your prospects know you’re there and still give them plenty of space by sharing information with them at a respectful rate. That gives you both time to learn about each other and whether it’s worth having a conversation.

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