Don’t wait until your business is in the red to prospect

by Will Rotondi

It’s easy to fall under the assumption that once you’ve kept a client for so long, you’re guaranteed to have them forever. That can be detrimental to your business because it lulls you into a false sense of security. If you only do as much business as your staff can comfortably support, and you put a cap on how much you’re willing to expand, then you might think it’s time to stop prospecting once you’ve reached that limit.

Not true.

You can’t take the risk of assuming that your current clients will always be your clients. Even those you’ve had for a year, two years, or more may decide one day that it’s time to call it quits. You can go above and beyond for them in terms of service and support, but they can still decide that they either can’t afford your services, don’t see the value in your services, or try to duplicate your services.

Always have a plan for bringing on new business. Don’t become too comfortable. Even if you feel like your staff has reached their capacity for work, don’t stop prospecting. That way, when the time comes and you lose a current client, you’re more likely to have leads already moving through your sales pipeline to fill in the gaps.


Even Dharma gets tired of “prospecting” for new toys. She’s good with what she has, right?
Wrong. I better find more for her before another one bites the dust.

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