Will President DJT affect your business?

By Erika Cannon
[email protected]

This year’s – or I should say years’ – election certainly kept our country distracted for the better part of two years. The mud-slinging, the name-calling, the accusations, the truths, the lies, and the debates became so entrenched in our public consciousness that we could no longer tell the difference between real and fake news!

But the people have spoken, and we now await the transition of power, party and politics.

There are some businesses that will be affected by changes in government regulations, and some that won’t feel any shift in the political climate. I spoke with a prospect who sells to the healthcare market, one surely to be affected by changes in insurance programs promised by the incoming administration. He was remarkably calm about the future, and planned to keep working as is until the changes come.

He knows he can’t freeze time and wait to see how this pans out.

Just as in prospecting, your company likely has a list of activities to accomplish today, or a formula by which you make your product, or close the next deal. Steps 1-10. Keep doing those, every day. If change occurs, which it inevitably will regardless even of the political climate, you’ll adjust to follow the next guideline.

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The methods may change – the prospecting goals stay the same.

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