Why it’s taking you longer to get new business

Prospecting is changing in the B2B world, says Forbes. It’s taking longer to secure new business discussions because people are now able to do most of their initial research, especially online.

There are three ways you can meet this challenge head on:

1. Be patient.

Email marketing may be your best way to reach the widest number of leads, but it’s easy to get anxious if you don’t immediately hear back from them. (Trust us, that’s normal.) Some leads can take weeks to respond because of the sheer volume of daily emails they have to sift through.

Email coming into the mailbox

While this requires your team to think of language that will get you noticed, it’s also about how often you’re in front of your leads with a clearly defined, easily consumable message.

2. Be persistent.

Chances are, you won’t nail a business meeting with your first email. It might not even be until the 10th that you get some traction. You have to stay on top of your outreach to leads who have or haven’t responded back. Measure their electronic engagement to know who’s opening, clicking on links to your website, and visiting specific pages.

3. Cast a wide net.

Because responses won’t be immediate, you need to get your name out to as many people in your market as you can. The greater your brand’s visibility, the sooner you’ll find someone with a need. Again, this requires patience and persistent outreach.

Above all, remember: when responses are slim, that doesn’t mean you’re failing. As long as leads are opening, clicking, and visiting your website, you’re still warming them up to those eventual conversations. It may just take a little longer than it used to.

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