Why it’s getting easier to put off new business development, and how to fight the urge

One of the thoughts that went through a lot of people’s minds at the beginning of quarantine was, I can finally get around to that big to-do list. This wasn’t simply in terms of home projects—it was in the workplace, too. When so many businesses were reducing their hours or seeing a drop in customer activity, the push for internal updates became just as important as developing new ways to prospect. COVID forced a lot of companies to start thinking day-to-day rather than long-term because our reality was—and continues to be—so uncertain. And in a strangely circular fashion, that uncertainty made it easier for us to procrastinate even the most minor clerical obligations, says Fast Company. The end result: the work you thought you might finally get done got pushed to the backburner again, including your strategies for new business development.

Prospecting was never anyone’s cup of tea to begin with, but now it probably feels like the absolute last thing you want to do. That said, it’s also the best way to survive this year’s financial rollercoaster, and there are tools and tips you can use to make that process easier:

  • First, review your messaging. Email is still the best way to get in touch with your ideal prospects, but it needs to be brief, direct, and conversation-driven in order to be effective.
  • Second, automate your email outreach so that you contact more prospects in less time. This allows you to prioritize those who are more interested in actually having calls with you.
  • Third, do a little prospecting every day. Make it a routine you stick with, even when you don’t see immediate responses.

If your business outlook seems overwhelming right now, focus on the parts you can control like those points above. When in doubt, talk with us. Rally has assisted clients like you in developing databases of active leads who were nurtured to phone calls and new deals. We’d be happy to help your team address the changing concerns in your market and find success in 2020.

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