What’s Your Business’s Unique Value Proposition?

If you want to improve your email prospecting’s response rate, you need to offer your leads a unique value proposition. While it’s true that initially asking them high-level questions is more likely to start those conversations, you still have to follow-up in a way that entices your leads to learn more. But exactly what your proposition is and how you should convey it can depend on a couple of factors.

Think about Pain Points

First, think about the pain points that your leads typically experience. As an example, let’s say that yours need better customer service training. Although the training might ultimately tie back to what you offer in a broad sense, what you’re better off considering are the results that your leads are missing without that training — i.e., customer retention and lost revenue. So, with that in mind, your initial question to them will still go something along the lines of,

I’d like to learn more about your customer service training programs. Who’s the person who manages them?

Then, once you’ve found the right person to speak with, you’ll to want establish your value by addressing those pain points. Ask about whether they’d like to learn about a program that saved x-amount of revenue and upped client retention by y-percent at another company in their industry.

Entrepreneur offers a similar, excellent example of this for lead generation, as well as an explanation about why it works: you want to demonstrate that you’re an expert, not a generalist.

Find the Right People

Before you’ve even offered your unique value proposition to qualify your leads, you have to find them. Asking who the best person to talk to doesn’t do you much good if you don’t even have a place to start, which is where prospecting automation comes in. It uses firmographic profiles for the leads and companies in the industries you want to target in order to find and verify current email addresses for them. It then allows you to grow and nurture that database of active contacts by sending automated emails on your behalf, asking the types of questions like the above example in order to find the best people to start those new business discussions.

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