What to expect from a lead generation company

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

A lead generation partner acts as a representative of your company, and is a partner in your prospecting efforts. But don’t expect them to deliver you prospects ready to do business with you.

A lead generation partner is not an expert in your business; you are the expert, and therefore you are the person your prospects want to talk to. Don’t insult your prospects by putting them in the hands of a third party to vet and qualify and then pass on to you.

Your prospects are too valuable to entrust to someone else.

A lead gen company should:

  1. Find new prospects who have never heard of you before, and of whom you have never heard.
  2. Confirm they are the right person to talk with about what you do.
  3. Invite them to an early-stage conversation, if they’re ready to talk.
  4. Gently share information about your services, your expertise and your collective marketplace.
  5. Share with you information about your prospects in a convenient platform, so your sales team – the experts – can reach out as well.

When looking for a lead generation partner, be specific about your expectations, and listen closely to what they say the can deliver. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Qualifying prospects for you is like qualifying what you like to eat.
I may know that you prefer cookies, but only you can confirm whether the cookie I get you is the right one.

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