What do I say to a cold prospect?

by Jennilyn Howell
[email protected]

Your prospect has finally agreed to talk. Now what?


  • Connect on LinkedIn if you haven’t already. View his profile, and make note of his school and where he lives.
  • Spend time on his website and gain a basic understanding of their business.
  • Prepare to establish rapport. Can you talk about sports, interesting things in his city, or even today’s weather?

You’ll want to take control of the call to start. Thank your prospect for spending time with you, and make small talk for a moment. Then outline the call: “I’d like to learn more about your business, share a little about what we do, and answer any questions you may have. Tell me about your firm, and what piqued your interest in talking with me.”

Make notes on what your prospect shares with you, and remain actively engaged and interested in what he has to say.

Keep your information relevant yet high-level. It’s very early in the sales process. Why do you think you’d be a great fit for his company (or not)? What does your process look like? What pains is your prospect experiencing that you can alleviate? Ask him for more information. Let your product or service be the solution.

Establish next steps:
Are you a good fit? Explain the next steps in your sales process (site visit, demonstration, etc.), and ask your prospect to commit. Not a fit? It’s okay. A friendly, meaningful conversation could pave the way for future business, or business with your prospect’s friend.


Discovery calls can feel like a game of ScrabbleTM as you look to see if your prospect’s needs fit with your services.
Even if they aren’t a fit now, they might be in the future!

Now that you’ve qualified your prospect, continue as usual in your sales cycle. You’ve got it from here!


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