Tired of prospecting? Then automate it.

Don’t underestimate the power of a nap. It helps recharge your energy, improve your mood, and reduce stress—not to mention make you a better problem-solver. You can’t go full steam forever, not even in lead gen.

Sure, it’s easier to think that way when you’re trying to close more deals. You have a lot of prospecting to do, and thousands of potential buyers out there, plus competitors to think about. What you may not realize, though, is that all of it—from prospecting, to your sales cycle, to closing—functions better as an incremental process. Don’t push yourself, your coworkers, or your leads too hard, or you’ll only hurt your chances for new business, and you’ll end up burning out.

But, you might say, there isn’t enough time. That’s when you divvy up the work. If it’s more than your current team can manage, look at automating the parts that you don’t need to do personally. Have prospecting automation find and verify your ideal targets. Use email automation to send them content. Establish a follow up routine to invite them to a phone call.

While that happens, enjoy a quick power nap—then come back to close.

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