Tired of hearing no in sales prospecting

Are you tired of hearing no? Unfortunately, it’s the name of the prospecting game.

Much like baseball, you “fail” more often than you succeed. Some salespeople are used to it. Others get demoralized by it. Either way, part of you probably feels like you’ve been wasting your time after you hear it. While it’s true that there isn’t a magic bullet to get people to talk business whenever you ask them, you can still prioritize your efforts and focus on those who are more likely to agree to a call.

How do you know who to target in your sales prospecting?

First, automate your prospecting. The initial emails you send out—confirming who the best person is to speak with at a new company, asking that person if they’re open to a call, explaining who you are and why you’re contacting them—are usually generic enough that they can be automated. And while you could create your own email templates or use free software for email blasts, you’re still limited in the number of leads you can identify, as well as the time it takes to arrange those campaigns.

Use prospecting automation instead. Rally’s software develops a database of active leads based on the firmographic profiles of your target market and couples that database with a customizable email delivery system. We develop brief, relevant messaging on your behalf that follows a methodology for capturing interest from cold leads and increasing their chances of responding.

Second, let someone else manage your low-level outreach. Even if your emails are automated, you still have to sift through a lot of responses and inbox clutter, from benign vacation replies, to those initial no-thank-yous, to the more colorful reactions some folks may demonstrate with unsolicited email. That can take a lot of time to do individually, so why not delegate the work?

Rally offers business development support that manages these emails, responds to any questions your leads may have by sending pre-approved messaging, and passes qualified leads along to you to contact.

Does this program guarantee that you’ll never hear No again? That would be terribly unrealistic. But it does allow you far more time and resources to devote to leads who are actively engaged with your brand, all for less than you’d spend hiring a full-time entry-level employee.

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