Time for some “Email Draino”

by Will Rotondi

The more we update our technology, the easier it can be to stop up the plumbing. Trust me – have you ever tried remodeling your home?

Spam filters are meant to help us improve our email circulation and remove any unnecessary junk from all of the Nigerian Princes, European diplomats and Russian mail order brides who want to “connect.” Certain key words will also flag messages, whether they have legitimate content or not. While this can be handy to the average person, it can also be detrimental to your email marketing outreach.

You can work around these hurdles by:

Spam filters are helpful, but as you may know, even your most trusted friend could send you a brief hello and have it get routed to email purgatory. It’s a tricky business, but you can do your best to work around it.

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