The Critical Role Your Website Plays in Prospecting

When it comes to prospecting for new business, most companies focus on finding verified contacts, setting up automated email campaigns, and checking lead scores to see who’s opening and clicking on their material. But the one area they aren’t paying attention to? Their website.

That’s right. The one place they want all of their leads to visit.

Besides the fact that it’s the face of your company, here are a few additional reasons why your website may deserve more attention.

It establishes trust

The hardest part about prospecting might seem like getting people to respond to your emails, but sometimes it’s convincing them that you’re a real business. Cybersecurity has become a major point of concern for companies across multiple industries. Many have instituted strict email filtering policies to protect their employees from potentially malicious information. If these folks don’t know who you are, don’t be surprised if they don’t immediately start clicking on the links you’ve embedded in your marketing copy.

Does this mean email marketing is dead? Not by a long shot. But you have to be mindful of the fact that more people will start looking up your website to compare it to the email you just sent, rather than clicking through to it directly. That means you need to have information on your homepage that aligns with your email’s messaging, stays relevant to your leads, and is up to date.

It expands on your offerings

Email can only convey so much information, and for good reason. Most leads skim through their messages for what they think is relevant, and they don’t have the time or interest to read an entire blog’s worth of content from their inbox. This isn’t to begrudge the importance of blogs or other long-form content. They’re simply better served as options to access on your website. Your emails can still reference their material, but as a way to entice your leads to click back to your website to read the full story. That way, they gain incremental knowledge the more they engage with you, which nurtures them toward conversations while avoiding information overload.

It demonstrates your capabilities

It’s easy to talk the talk about how awesome your company is and what it can do for your leads. But do you have the examples to back up those claims? Your website is the perfect place to showcase them. Post videos and images from projects you’ve worked on. Share social feeds of customer interactions, reviews, and user-generated content. Offer case studies and guides that visitors can download for free to take with them and share with other decision-makers at their companies. All of this takes minimal effort and can yield substantial rewards. Like your email prospecting, it just needs to be consistent.

Consider a Website Audit

A website audit is the best way to know how well yours is currently performing in the categories above, and then some. Ours also happens to be free. Let us know if you’d like some complimentary feedback on areas you could improve for your prospecting by clicking the lead nurture discussion link below.

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