The Case for Email

Is email passé? Has it gone the way of the fax machine? Some people would have you believe just that, but the smart money says that email is here to stay, and not only that, it has become the gateway to social media as well. Here are just five reasons why email is here to stay – you can probably think of some more:

1. The adoption of email is almost universal. It has practically replaced what used to be hard copy written communications – what we now call snail mail. Everyone in business has a business email address. This is not like a home phone number that I can decide to opt out of. To do business, you must support email.

2. Email is a perfect medium for business communications because it allows for substantial amounts of information to be exchanged almost instantly and at a lower cost than any available alternative.

3. Unlike social media, communications are asynchronous which means the communications are not lost, but available to be read as convenient.

4. Email is typically private and secure.

5. Establishing a business network connection via LinkedIn with many people requires that you know their email address. It’s the key that opens business social media.

These are just five reasons email is here to stay. The problem is how do you obtain verified email addresses for in-profile prospects in numbers sufficient for you to take full advantage of this technology. Enter Rally

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