Stop treating your prospects like they’re already leads

by Will Rotondi

With rare exception, your business isn’t distinguished by the price for its service or product, but by its value. The problem isn’t necessarily finding and leveraging that value, but how you choose to share it with your prospects.

For instance, let’s say that your company has reliable customer service. Do you broadcast this to your prospects, telling them about how great you are? It’s tempting, but no. Your prospects aren’t leads, and treating them as such is like putting the cart before the horse. They aren’t in your normal sales cycle yet because they a) don’t know who you are, b) don’t know that they need you, and c) aren’t a confirmed fit with your business.

In order for them to meet these requirements, you need to have a phone call with them. And to get to that phone call requires showing a different kind of value than just what makes your company great. That value comes in the form of shared knowledge. Send your prospects information that you’ve learned about what it takes to offer your product or service, what’s going on in those market spaces, and pain points that your prospects might be feeling in their own businesses. This will establish you as a trusted authority, and encourage your prospects to learn more about you.

Once they do, they’ll be more likely to keep you on their radar so that when the need arises, they know who to talk with. That’s when they’ll enter the top of your sales funnel, and when you can switch to showing them the value and sales language that you wanted to use from the very beginning.

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