Retweet ME!

I admit, I’m late to the game. I just came to Twitter this summer, and have been consumed by it for two months now. I’m trying to figure out the nuances, understand the unwritten rules and meet the content expectations that, when combined, will result in a monetization of my investment. WAIT. I’m not supposed to see an ROI on my Twitter time? Then my family is going hungry next month.

What is the deal?

There are two schools of thought:

  1. Push other tweets 9 times, tweet your content once. It’s supposed to be a friendly community where we acknowledge the expertise of others while in turn hoping that someone will recognize our expertise. How am I supposed to read dozens of other people’s blogs, choose which ones I want to retweet, and then take the time to write my own witty musings about email marketing? AGAIN??
  2. Only tweet your own stuff. I read on someone else’s blog, that method No. 1 only points out the expertise of others, while we should be extolling our own expertise. I agree with that guy. Whoever he was. I can’t remember.

And then I learned from a LinkedIn group discussion (again, where we’re only supposed to discuss, and not sell), that I am not to expect a monetization from my Twitter work. That it’s more like PR. Well, having been in the PR field for the better part of 10 years, corporate bosses expect to see a return on the community lunches, speaking engagements and media exposures. Yes, they’re harder to measure, but the guys in the plush office expect to see positive moves in their bottom lines because of them.

So, I’m going to tweet this now, and see if someone retweets it.


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