Prospects take it personally (and that’s a good thing)

by Will Rotondi

Automation can be a great tool, but there are still some things it can’t do. Converting prospects into leads is one of them.

You can send as many emails out at a time as you’d like (as long as you obey CAN-SPAM law), but there’s a point where the mass-blasting ends and the personalized follow-up begins. Prospects want to know that they’re still talking to a real person, after all.

So how do you show that you’re real?

  • Take a look at your prospects’ company websites. Review their services, history, and target market. You’ll not only be able to tell if you’re really barking up the right tree, but how you can start a conversation with them. “I see that you offer [x product/service]. We’ve found that [our product/service] could be used in conjunction with that to [boost sales, improve efficiency, save the world]. Would you have some time to see if we’d be a good fit?”
  • Use LinkedIn. Send a short message with your invitation that tells the prospect why you’re contacting them. It could reiterate a previous email you sent (just make sure to keep it brief). “I noticed that you offer [x product/service]. I thought it would be worthwhile to connect. Would you have time for a conversation?”
  • Write like how you’d talk. Sure, you don’t want to look lazy with too many spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but you also don’t want your email to seem like content that was revised 5 times and then blasted to a large group of people. Which version looks more authentic: “We might could do that for you,” or, “It would be our pleasure to provide you with that service offering”?

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