Prospecting Baseball

The game of baseball is a thinking person’s game with lots of nuances and strategy.  Patience, timing, and matchups are important elements.   That’s why baseball also makes for a perfect metaphor for what we’re doing in Prospecto.   Scoring conversations in prospecting is similar to scoring runs in baseball.  Both are processes that involve touching bases.

In baseball and prospecting you can hit a double, triple or homerun with one swing.  Sometimes a prospect is ready to talk right away and other times it takes additional work to achieve.  Either way you’ve got to touch the bases.  It’s about playing the game smart!

In baseball terms, the objective is to score a run.  In prospecting terms the objective is to have a sales conversation.  Here’s how we get there.


In baseball, the manager selects a lineup card using the best available information.  The manager wants the best players on the field.

In Prospecto, the account manager chooses the best prospects to work using a four variable prospect profile that includes industry, geography, size, and contact type. The account manager wants to market to the most logical and likely prospects.

First Base

In baseball, the runner makes it to first base when he makes contact with the ball and is able to beat out the throw.

In Prospecto, the prospects make it successfully on-board when an email has been safely delivered. Establishing the email connection is the beginning of the asynchronous communication process to come.  Sometimes the prospect may stay at first base for a while.  We call these sleepers.

Second Base

In baseball, you move into scoring position by moving to second base.  Something good happens to promote you there like a bunt, sacrifice fly, or steal.

In Prospecto, the prospect is promoted when he engages in positive behavior like clicking on a website, opening an email, or forwarding or printing it. Prospects who reach second base are now familiar and will receive content marketing drips that our professional writers create.

Third Base

In baseball, the batter can move to third in the same manner that he was moved to second. It is the job of the third base coach to help the runner navigate the final 90 feet to home base.

In Prospecto, prospects reach third by achieving a high lead score or by raising their hand with a direct response that they might be interested in a conversation. At third base the Rally BDR (Business Development Representative) assists in bringing the prospect the final steps into an actual conversation.  The BDR uses a method of ethical impersonation to make a digital handshake via LinkedIn and a personalized invitation to talk. It may take some persistence to bring the prospect all the way home.


In baseball, making it to home base means scoring a run for your team. That’s the end of it.

In Prospecto, coming home means the prospect is ready to have a conversation with you. The conversation for them is both timely and relevant.  The process has been seamless, so the transition is smooth.

Score one for Team Prospecto!


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