Poor writing wastes everyone’s time

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

We all get too many emails, admits the company that sends emails on behalf of its clients.

That admission helps us recognize the battles our clients and their prospects face, and write emails that are relevant and effective. Because bad writing, reports the Harvard Business Review, wastes hours of your employees’ time each week.

What is bad writing?

“…81% of (547 survey respondents) agree that poorly written material wastes a lot of their time. A majority say that what they read is frequently ineffective because it’s too long, poorly organized, unclear, filled with jargon, and imprecise.”

What effect does bad writing have?

Vague writing dilutes leadership, the report ascertains. Overuse of vacuous and/or indeterminate language leaves scads of room for interpretation – or misinterpretation – or simply, as in the case with email, a tap of the delete button.

What is good writing?

Good writing states the objective instantly and clearly, and leaves no room for interpretation (or deleting).

What effect does good writing have?

Good writing increases productivity because the recipient understands the directive and can take action immediately. And in responding, employees don’t have to waste time creating convoluted corporate-speak communiques.

Is your writing good or bad?


If your writing can’t be understood by your readers,
you might as well be using Wingdings for a font.

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