MythBusters: Marketing Automation Part 2

In one of our earlier blog posts, we broke down some of the most common misconceptions surrounding marketing automation. We decided that it was important to do another blog post breaking down even more of the myths surrounding marketing automation. As marketing automation grows in popularity so does the number of inaccuracies. The internet can be a helpful place but it can also lead you down a wormhole of questionable information, which is why we continue our quest to solve myths and answer questions about marketing automation.

Myth 1: Marketing Automation Takes a Long Time to Implement

With all of the features and tools that marketing automation comes with, the impression is easily given that the installation of the software will take ages. Not to mention all the time it will take to learn the ins and the outs of a new system. While this may be true of other platforms, this is not the case with ours. Here at Marketing Armor, our automation onboarding is an extensive 3-month process that provides you with all of the training and support necessary to get you up and running as soon as possible. We don’t just install the platform and then leave you to figure it out on your own. We take the time to train you on the basics of the system and answer any questions you may have.

Myth 2: Once you Install Marketing Automation Software, you Never Have to Check it Again

While the purpose of marketing automation is to save time and reduce tasks that can be repetitive, it does not mean that once it is installed it can be left alone. In order to get the most out of automation, you should be active on the platform. Our platform is transparent, which enables you to know where your leads stand at any given point within the sales process. Additionally, automation makes it easy to do a number of things such as:

–  Gain insight from leads in the funnel by observing how they react to the sales process

–  Know at which point in the sales process a lead drops off

–  How effective your campaigns are through accurate ROI attribution

–  Use behavior based tracking to determine the hot topics for leads

A good marketing automation platform like ours will provide you with multiple ways in which you can interact with leads. The more interaction you have, such as taking advantage of all of the reporting within the system, the more the platform works for you, helping to improve your strategy.  

Myth 3: Marketing Automation will Instantly Increase My Leads

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could install a platform, and then see instant results the next day? Unfortunately, no platform like this exists in the world, the visitor identification feature in our platform comes pretty close. Visitor ID allows you to see who is on your website, which pages they visit and how long they spend on each one. As with all marketing strategy, it will take a bit of time to produce results but Visitor ID will put you one step ahead by showing you who you should be targeting. In order for Visitor ID to provide the best results, traffic needs to be generated to your website. Producing quality content that your audience is interested in and sharing via social media is an effective way to lead visitors to your site. The content can take any form including blogs, videos, seminars and any other method that will appeal to your audience.

Myth 4: Automated lead nurturing is impersonal and robotic

As marketing has shifted and continues to shift to encompass more digital aspects, the top concern on people’s minds is that digital communication can seem extremely impersonal, which can hurt sales. This is also one of the major concerns that people have surrounding marketing automation. So much of sales and lead nurturing is built on personal relationships that to automate tasks seems like it would be taking a major step away from one on one interaction. But this is not the case. With marketing automation, you are able to better segment your clients based off of their interests and use other tools like buyer personas to know exactly what they are interested in. These interactions are much more valuable because you know what your client wants. This helps to move leads through the sales pipeline faster, because of personalized emails and phone calls centered around the needs and wants of the client.

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