In Website Design, Be Strategic Over Traditional

A traditional website serves as a reference point. A strategic one will actively work to drive more in-bound leads for your business. You may think they’re one-in-the-same, but the differences can be subtle. Keep these criteria in mind as you’re evaluating the effectiveness of yours:

  • The customer journey. Do you know your customers well enough to anticipate their needs as they learn about each of your products and services? Does your website prompt them to buy at key points along that journey?
  • Whether you’re saying too much. The more space you fill on your webpages with information, the more crowded they will feel. Brevity in your content doesn’t just make it visually appealing, it educates and engages your customers while holding their attention and encouraging them to learn more.
  • Connecting your social media presence. Tie in website content to other social media outlets, and make sure it stays consistent across all channels. This provides a clear vision to your customers of who you are and what you represent, and makes their buying journey more authentic. 

If you aren’t sure whether your website is aligned with these points, talk with developers who can help. They can evaluate your analytics, content strategy, page formatting, and overall design to create a website that will actually generate new business for your team.

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