How to Triple the Number of Leads from your Website

Did you know that 98% of visitors remain anonymous when visiting a website? How nice would it be if there was a way to see if competitors are researching your web pages? What if you could capture all of the unidentified leads that are currently trafficking your website?  Good News- Visitor ID exists, and as a Marketing Armor client, it’s one of the many valuable and innovative tools included in our marketing automation suite.

Our Visitor ID tool identifies anonymous visitors in real time and provides you with the company name, location, number of employees, company revenue, pages viewed and time spent on your website. You also receive a daily report sent directly to your email of all the identified leads from the previous day.

By identifying these leads you will effectively be doubling or tripling the number of leads that can be harvested from your existing web traffic. This top-of-the-funnel tool is a great first step into the world of marketing automation.

Marketing automation tools like Visitor ID empowers small to medium size businesses by reducing the amount of manual processes and provide an affordable enterprise level tool set.

While this technology is advance, the integration of our marketing automation suite has never been easier. You will not be required to rebuild your website or pay costly setup fees commonly associated with on-boarding new solutions.  

Start converting unidentified leads into paying customers today!

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