How Marketing Automation Can Help Elevate Your Content Strategy

Content has reigned supreme in the marketing world for over 20 years. It has survived many leaps and bounds into new technologies and is still a major component of marketing strategies, but why? Because 93%* of B2B marketers use content marketing. With that many companies feeding their content to consumers, it is very easy for potential customers to become bogged down with content that is irrelevant. How do you solve the problem of getting targeted content to its intended audience? With marketing automation of course.

Notify Subscribers of Helpful Content with Email

To most in the marketing world, the word “content” is just another way to refer to blogging. Blogging serves as the cornerstone of your content strategy and is the place where your audience lands to learn about your company and what you offer. Your blog can hold a wealth of information, but your audience will only benefit from the content you have created if they know about it. Enter marketing automation. With marketing automation, you can create emails that will alert your subscribers every time new content is posted. These pre-made (but personalized) emails will provide your readers with a direct link to your latest post, driving traffic to your website and increasing awareness. If you push content regularly and are worried about bombarding your subscribers with too much content, sending out a monthly newsletter or blog roundup is a good way to make sure they stay up to date with your content but on their terms. Your blog can be a very valuable resource and a way to connect with your audience, so ensuring that you are maximizing its potential is key.

Empower Lead Generation with Premium Content Offers

For those unfamiliar with the phrase “Premium Content Offers,” it is in reference to a piece of content that holds a little more value like an ebook, that would require the visitor to fill out a form before they gain access to the locked content. The real question is: With content so readily available on the internet, are Premium Content Offers necessary? The answer- Yes. These types of elevated content offers are absolutely worth putting up if the content that you are offering has a substantial value, like a webinar or an industry white paper. Adding a form also acts as a way to weed out the leads that are seriously interested. Once the lead has entered their information in the form, they are sent the content in an email that can be automated. To further increase their reach, premium content offers can also be used as a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of a blog post or in an email itself.

Use Custom Forms to Grow Your Email List

No content marketing strategy is successful without an audience to send the content to. The whole idea behind putting out premium offers and other types of content is to gather email addresses of potential leads, so having a way to organize and categorize them is imperative.

The platform that we use here at Marketing Armor allows you to create forms within the interface, implement the form on your website or in your email and track everyone who has filled it out. Our platform is incredibly user-friendly, so customizing and building these forms is a breeze. There is also the option to add a “subscribe” button to any page, adding to the growing list of tools that automation provides. Once users have filled out the form or subscribed, their information is added to your designated list within the database, keeping everything organized and efficient. This also is extremely helpful if you have multiple content offers available.

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