Email tracking: creepy? Not really.

by Will Rotondi

It’s no secret that emails can be tracked, and that companies can use software to confirm (or, at least, be pretty darn sure) that you’ve opened up what they’ve sent to you. They might even be able to see when you’ve clicked on links embedded in their emails and when you’ve viewed specific pages on their websites.

“Hold on!” some will shout. “Just wait a minute. That’s invading my space, that’s creepy!”

It’s not creepy. Think of it more like prospecting radar – or, better yet, like having a customer walk into your business. You can see them, and you can tell they’re interested, but you don’t know anything else about them. Just because you can see when your prospects are viewing your emails doesn’t mean they should be afraid of having their identities stolen. Their electronic engagement was essentially the little bell that rings when they’ve entered the shop. It’s saying they thought it was worth their time to take a look.

In turn, you know who your ideal prospects are to focus on and send more personalized outreach that asks them for a call.

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