Don’t wait for better sales to ramp up your digital prospecting

We talked a while back about how your slow season doesn’t really exist. When you aren’t generating much revenue, spend that time laying the groundwork in anticipation for when you will. That mentality was relevant pre-pandemic, even more so now. With talk of the US already in a recession, and most businesses tightening their budgets, it isn’t surprising if your marketing efforts have been pushed to the backburner. But that can easily ruin any work you’ve already started if you leave it simmering there for too long. 

To be successful, you should always perform some degree of digital prospecting—whether it’s establishing that initial dialogue that helps others understand who you are and what you do, showing them the value of a partnership with your business, or asking them to have a phone call to discuss any current needs that they have. But performing this work the manual way is often costly and time-consuming, two reasons why it tends to get the axe when the higher-ups are looking for ways to cut expenses. 

There’s a workaround for that. Ramp up your efforts by automating your emails instead. It’s your best way of growing an active database of leads within your firmographic market and nurturing their engagement with your brand. The more persistent you are with this outreach, and the more often your name is foremost on their minds, the more likely they are to choose you for a discussion when the time and finances are right.  

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