Don’t prospect like you just hit “Reply All”

By Will Rotondi

Some people like to cast a very wide net when they prospect. They’re the ones who think they can sell to anyone, and that anyone would benefit from their products and services.

Here’s where that can get messy. Say that you have the email addresses for 20 people at the same company, and you reach out to them all on the same day, at the same time, with the same message. Chances are that a couple of them will know each other, or at least be in the same department. If they compare notes on your latest email, will they be more likely to believe that a real person wanted to have a conversation with them, or that they’ve both been put on someone’s email list?


People are less inclined to respond to generic messaging, and they’re also less inclined to respond directly to emails that they know are automated. That’s because we’re wired for relationships, and if it feels like we’re talking to the digital equivalent of a brick wall, we don’t see the value, and we move on.

Don’t go to the opposite extreme and limit the number of prospects you’re reaching out to – just change up the days that you’re reaching out to them. Mix up the messaging that you use. Keep reaching out until you hear back.

You’ll drive more business conversations.

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