What Are the Best Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Digital Marketing?

Evergreen content is an essential component of a strong digital marketing strategy. It’s content that stays perpetually relevant, and relies on that long-term reliability to grow your search engine optimization — and, ultimately, brand trust. So what are the best examples of evergreen content ideas that you can start using to benefit your own business? 

1. Answer the Most Common Questions Your Leads Have

Yes, we’re talking about FAQ pages. These are good to leverage as evergreen content because, as their name implies, common industry questions tend to be timeless. More than likely, these will focus on your products and services, but may include additional material based on how these are affected by the market. When developing an FAQ page, it’s important to cover as many facets of your business as you can, but also keep those explanations brief. That way, you don’t lose the interest of your leads, and save yourself some time on those sales calls about discussing what you offer.

2. Share Lead Magnets

Not only are lead magnets one of the best evergreen content ideas you can incorporate, they’re also pretty handy at engaging your audience and obtaining their contact information. Some of the examples of lead magnets that we’ve talked about in the past include checklists, ebooks, white papers, and guides — all of which may look similar at first, but ultimately accomplish different goals depending on their intent.

For example, a checklist should be a very straightforward series of items that your leads can follow to benefit their business. Ebooks and white papers are more informative pieces of content that educate them on your products and services, as well as the market trends that influence them. Finally, guides are less about your in-house content and more about a compilation of industry publications that you can collect, reference, and share.

Note: Infographics can fit into this category as a visual alternative to some of the lengthy content you may consider developing.

3. Post Testimonials, Case Studies, and Example Work

People are more inclined to partner with you if they can verify the quality of your work. While offering references certainly doesn’t hurt, you can save yourself a lot of time and increase the chances of lead engagement if you go ahead and provide examples directly on your website. 

Testimonials have the same effect as positive reviews, allowing others to see how you’ve helped those in their industry. Case studies provide more detailed accounts of specific problems you’ve solved for customers. Example work can either be in written or visual form, to include photographs, videos, and other pieces of graphic design. Depending on your brand, don’t be shy about incorporating user-generated content into that mix, as its free promotional material that gives your brand credibility and a positive social image.

4. Develop Hub Pages

Hub pages act as a table of contents for a variety of subtopics that are relevant to your products, services, and industry. 

For example, say that you specialize in cybersecurity. Your hub page could include subtopics on what cybersecurity is, why it’s important to your leads, trends in cybersecurity, tips for creating a robust network, digital solutions, and the main threats to be aware of, among others. Your hub page would then provide brief introductions to each of these subtopics, and each subtopic would in turn have a link taking readers to a landing page that offers more in-depth information.

Each subtopic’s page should include a backlink to the original hub page. This not only makes navigation easier for your leads, it boosts your website’s SEO ranking.

Note: Hub pages are also known as pillar content, while subtopic landing pages are often referred to as cluster content.

Which Evergreen Content Ideas Do You Use?

Evergreen content is valuable to your credibility and SEO. It’s also content that doesn’t have to be updated much, if at all, making it easy to repurpose in other areas of your content management, social engagement, and web design — even your prospecting efforts.

If you have questions about how to apply evergreen content ideas like above in your own digital marketing, let’s talk about them. Click the link below to schedule time for a free marketing consultation.  

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