Before you call, send a calendar invite

by Will Rotondi

Your time is very important.

More than likely, if you’re reading this, it’s one item in a long list of things that you’ll have to accomplish at some point today. You may have calls to make, or places to be; reports to file; prospects to reach.

All of these require blocking off time to do them effectively, especially when it involves other people. When it’s your prospects – who you’ve probably been reaching out to multiple times already just to get a positive response – you must finalize an agreed upon time for a call. If you don’t, you miss the window of opportunity to learn whether they could be added to your sales pipeline.

Do this by sending a calendar invite.

Don’t rely on “just call me” responses. They won’t pick up, they may or may not listen to your voicemail, and they probably won’t return your call. If they even do answer, they’ll probably tell you that a) they don’t remember who you are, and b) they’re busy and to keep it short.

So, fellow prospectors, please take it to heart: solidify a time to talk, and have it confirmed. You’ll know your prospect is serious, and is more likely to show up than they would be if you just called them out of the blue. That means less time chasing them, and more time prospecting for additional conversations.

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