B2B prospecting strategy? Ain’t nobody got time for that

by Will Rotondi
[email protected]

As a culture, we hate waiting. Theme parks, the airport, the DMV, the grocery store check-out line. You name it, somebody’s queued for it.

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Why does this concept get under our skin so much? It’s because we notice the inactivity. The hot pot hasn’t boiled, so you can’t add the pasta. If the pasta doesn’t cook, you can’t start the sauce. All the while, you’re just thinking I am so hungry right now.

When your sales pipeline goes dry, you notice it. If you aren’t having conversations, you aren’t qualifying leads. If you aren’t qualifying leads, you aren’t closing deals. And we know how much you want those deals.

The problem in these situations isn’t so much the inactivity as it is the desire for instant gratification. Prospects should already want my services. I should be able to get to my plane now. I’m starving and can’t wait any longer.

The secret is to start your preparations sooner.

Warm the stove eye to boil the water. Leave with enough time to get through baggage claim. Nurture your prospects so that they’ll be interested sooner in a conversation.

Make the time now, rather than waiting.

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