Accelerate Lead Generation with Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is one of the best methods for generating leads. It has become so popular that over 83,000 companies have implemented marketing automation platforms, and it shows no signs of stopping. Marketing Automation makes the personalization of emails and content efficient, and offers a vast array of tools to help improve sales by automating tasks. But it does so much more than that. Here are 3 of the many ways in which marketing automation can help you generate more leads:

Automate your Marketing Messages to Send Targeted Content

Marketing Automation gives you the ability to configure certain emails to send out to specific lists. Utilizing your buyer personas (more about them here) you can create and segment email lists based off of the personas. Then using marketing automation, you can send targeted content that appeals to the personas, adding a level of personalization.. You can also use this feature of marketing automation to send emails after certain actions such as signing up for your blog or downloading premium content, are completed on your website. Once one of these emails is opened, you will have the ability to to view any past or future web activity that the recipient has done on your website. This opens the door even wider to turn prospects into leads.

Simplify the Lead-scoring Process using the Sales Pipeline

One of the main tools that marketing automation offers is the sales pipeline. This tool allows you to add all of your leads and prospects to the pipeline and assign them a lead score based off of the interactions you have had. You can customize the stages in the pipeline and tailor them to your company’s standards. For example, having a phone conversation with a potential client or customer might not be as important in the sales process as having them open one of your emails. The customizable aspect of marketing automation allows you to change your pipeline to reflect this. As the customer moves along in the sales process their progress is reflected in the pipeline, showing you visually their worth in potential sales.

Determine the Success of Campaigns by Tracking Them

A lot of sales and marketing is going back through past returns to determine what actions were successful and which ones weren’t. This can be difficult without a proper system in place to track returns. In addition to the features above, marketing automation also comes with the tools required to capture the insights necessary to track these returns, and with the added benefit of being in one location. This makes it easier and faster to analyze and determine which methods work best ensuring more successful campaigns in the long run.

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