3 reasons you should be email marketing

What? You don’t have an email marketing campaign yet? Here are 3 reasons you should.

It’s direct. Email is delivered to a mailbox, but not the old fashioned kind. It’s an electronic box that (99% of the time) only the recipient checks. So you know that when you email Jim, Jim is going to open the email. Not like back in the day, when you sent postal mail and four other people handled it before it got to Jim, and if it didn’t look very interesting, Jim just threw it in the trash. That’s why subject line is important, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

It’s personal. Because we have electronic behavior indicators, we can know what Jim is interested in, and design emails specifically for him and his company’s needs. This is called segmentation. You don’t have to send Jim the whole catalog, just the pages that you know are important to him. Jim appreciates that.

It works. No one answers a phone anymore. But they will answer an email on their phone. Ironic? Yes. I love it when irony solves a conundrum. Email and the arms-length access that provides body of work helps educate the prospect about you before they engage in conversation so that by the time you talk, it’s worth both your time’s to do it!

So check out an email marketing program. It requires a little time to develop and an investment in database and content development, but the return will manifest directly.

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