Think like a tortoise

In the last blog I gave you a list of questions to answer to prepare yourself for marketing automation. Now that you have all the answers…

Who are we kidding? No one ever has all the answers, one of the keys to marketing automation is agility – being able to change and adapt as the market moves and reveals new insights through your marketing automation process. You can never write the perfect email, develop the perfect list, or launch a perfect campaign. Put that idea aside and be okay with it.

But you do need to acknowledge you can’t sell to everyone, and everyone is not sitting at their computer just waiting for you email them. They are busy, much like you are, putting out fires, developing new products, motivating a sales team, brokering a new deal. So how do you get their attention?


Persistence is one of the most important elements that marketing automation provides. While you are making calls, working the deal, or eating lunch, your marketing automation tool is plugging away, contacting prospects on a regular basis to remind them that you’re still here, waiting to help them be more successful using your product or services. Your tool will recognize electronic actions (opens, clicks, page visits), send back appropriate responses, and even keep score.

And because you are persistent, just like the tortoise, you will be lucky.

You will be in front of the right person at the exact time they need you. They will remember you because you have been in touch – at a respectful distance – and provided information that has helped them work smarter, faster, or with a new idea.


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