Proof That Drive Train Works

“In only four days Rally doubled our database of prospects that took us four years to accumulate.  Drive Train is an amazing tool and a great value.”

Russ Davis, Owner, Sandler Training

“We now have a rich database of prospects to proactively market to, not to mention all the great leads we’ve gotten. Overall the process was fast, simple, professional and the results have been great.”

Ron Kountz, VP of Sales, Clarkson Industrial

“Every month our sales database grows and we know that sales flow from the strength of our database. About 20% of the deals in our pipeline come from Drive Train. Rally has a solution set that I can’t find anywhere else. ”

John Sterling, President, Foxfire Software

“After only 20 days from delivery of our Drive Train database we had closed enough business from it to pay for the program twice over. We’re referring the Drive Train to our colleagues”

Brent Amyette, Principal, Shred Disk

“Our experience with Rally has been very positive.  The programs we’ve done with them have resulted in sales for us. I appreciate the well designed solutions I get from Rally and the way they adjust to our needs over time.”

Brad Squires, EVP, Maintenance Connection

“This is the best program we’ve done in a long time.  The Dashboard interface made it easy for us to use the database that Rally created for us and carry on the effort at the conclusion of the program.  I’m recommending Rally and their Drive Train program!”

Lee Pickler, Principal, ScanOnline

“You read about list brokers, lead generation companies and the like and they have a reputation for never delivering what they promise.  What’s different about Rally and their Drive Train product is that they put the data in motion for us, and it works.”

Mike Harrison, Co-Founder, Shift Marketing

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